Make your tile bathtub or shower look new again with a complete refinish. Repair chipped or worn tile bathtub, counters, or shower surround with ease. Rejuvenate your tile shower or countertops and bring them back to life.We repair chips and cracks in any tile surface, and give them that shine again with a complete refinish.   Refinishing, also known as reglazing, restores damaged tile showers, bathtubs, and countertops without the cost of complete replacement. Your tile will be smooth and easy to clean, and will prevent potential mildew growth.

Fiberglass cracks, scratches, and stains can easily be repaired and refinished before they leak. Fiberglass can become dull after a few years of use, and may develop cracks due to stress points. Over time small cracks will expand, eventually allowing water to seep through, leading to severe water damage if not repaired.

​Having your fiberglass bathtub repaired and refinished is a simple and most economical way to restore your fiberglass tub or shower and make it beautiful again. We completely rebuild and repair the bottom of your fiberglass tub or shower, creating a durable and long lasting support.

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Is there a crack or chip in your sink, vanity, bathtub, shower, or toilet? Repair these chips before they get any worse. We repair any chip, crack, dent, scratch, burn or hole in your porcelain, ceramic, acrylic, or fiberglass surface - quickly and inexpensively.

We bring porcelain tubs back to shine and get rid of those ugly stains. With this process chip repairs can be also be made to rid your tub of imperfections, thus saving you hundreds of dollars on replacement and making your tub look new again.  We can also change an existing shower/tub to handicap accessible. 

We restore porcelain claw foot tubs making them look close to new. And we also buy and sell classic antique tubs. These tubs make a unique and classic addition to new or restored homes.

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